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A new branch of Indian Dental Association was born on Sunday the 8th of October 1989 in the land of letters, lakes and latex, and it was appropriate to name it CENTRAL KERALA. The occasion was blessed with the presence of the national president of IDA- Dr.Ramakanth Venson. That evening witnessed the installation of Dr N.J.Philip as the Charter President and Dr.Jose Richard as the Hon. Secretary. Well Begun in Half Done-From that point onwards there was no looking back. Years rolled by and the baton of leadership was handed over to more and more efficient persons. The branch grew into amazing proportion in number and strength slowly and steadily. On March 12th 2006 in the presence of IDA Head office & Kerala State office, Central Kerala was renamed as Central Kerala Kottayam. From about 30 members in 1989, Central Kerala Kottayam has moved ahead as a big family with 254 members at present in 2007 and is currently the largest and one of the most active branches in IDA Kerala State. Our hearts overflow with gratitude for all those who have spared their time and effort in leading the association to this height.




1989-90 Dr. N J Philip Dr. Jose Richard
1990-91 Dr. George Thomas Dr. Jose Richard
1991-92 Dr. George Thomas Dr. Baby James
1992-93 Dr. Kurian Jacob Dr. Baby James
1993-94 Dr. Jos Richard Dr. Mathew Kurian
1994-95 Dr. Baby James Dr. Mathew Kurian
1995-96 Dr. Babu Thomas Dr. Sunil T Verghese
1996-97 Dr. Romesh Mani Dr. Sunil T Verghese
1997-98 Dr. Mathew Kurian Dr. Shaji K Joseph
1998-99 Dr. Pratap Kumar Dr. Shaji k Joseph
1999-00 Dr. George Varghese Dr. Sabu Kurian
2000-01 Dr. Savio M Thelly Dr. Sabu Kurian
2001-02 Dr. Shaji K Joseph Dr. Sujith Mathew
2002-03 Dr. Nandakumar Dr. Sujith Mathew
2003-04 Dr. Mathew Joseph Dr. Sherry M Joseph
2004-05 Dr. Baby k Antony Dr. Sherry M Joseph
2005-06 Dr. Sunil T Verghese Dr. Satish JKV
Dr. Rajan John
2006-07 Dr. K N Thomas Dr. Lukose George
2007-08 Dr. Eapen Thomas Dr. Anukesh P
2008-09 Dr. Praveen J Thayyil Dr. Aby Jose
2009-10 Dr. Augustine J C Dr. Aby Jose
2010-11 Dr. Antony P.G Dr. John Reju Philip
2011-12 Dr. Aby Jose Dr. John Reju Philip
2012-13 Dr. Mathew V Joseph Dr. Linu.M. Ninan
2013-14 Dr. Renjith George Dr. Linu.M. Ninan
2014-15 Dr. Geoji Cherian Dr. Renju Titus

Official Publication : Dental Bond

Office Bearers Of 2014-2015
President - Dr Geoji Cherian  
President Elect - Dr Bobby John  
I P P - Dr Rengith George  

Vice Presidents

- Dr Joe Manuel  
  - Dr Jinu Mohan  

Hon. Secretary

- Dr Renju Titus  
Joint Secretary - Dr Cherin John  
Asst. Secretary - Dr Vishy Tom  
Treasurer - Dr Lijo Thomas  
C.D.H Representative - Dr Nithin Joseph Mohan  
C.D.E Representative - Dr Raju Sunny  
Editor - Dr Tobin Padavan  
Representative to HOPE - Dr Agustine Cherukara  
Representative to IMAGE - Dr Rajesh Krishnan  
Executive Members - Dr Itty Avirah Babu  
  - Dr Linu M Ninan  
  - Dr Anoop Mathew  
  - Dr Midhun Madhavan  
  - Dr Antony P G  
Representatives to State - Dr Mathew Joseph Vayalil  
  - Dr Baby K Antony  
  - Dr Rengith George  
  - Dr Robin Theruvil  
Women Dental Council-Hon. Secretary - Dr Suby Elizabeth